“Two Stories / One Mana” is a digital campaign aimed to promote the French Polynesia Islands. This campaign takes ordinary people on a journey through the Tahiti Islands and displays their travels within the context of these beautiful islands and Tahitian culture, revealing the lush and wild side of the Tahitian lifestyle.

polinesia francesa

Anyone can join #TakeMeToTahiti until April 5th. The new stars will be able to experience new experiences, unique and authentic in the Tahiti Islands, this summer. And also the opportunity to experience the “Mana”, sacred force present in French Polynesia, which connects all living things.

polinesia francesa

To participate couples and families should record a video of 15 seconds telling what inspires them most in the Tahiti Islands and the three activities they enjoy doing the most. And then they should share the video on their social networks – Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, using the hashtag #TakeMeToTahiti. The deadline for posting is April 5, 2017. Three couples or families will be chosen as the new campaign stars and will spend ten days in the Tahiti Islands in June in a complete adventure that will include the most vibrant in the Culture and in the unique experiences of Mana.


“It was the journey of a lifetime,” says Paulo Sloan, CEO of Tahiti Tourisme, referring to couples who were received in 2016. “We hope to inspire tourists from all over the world, whether those who have thought about visiting Tahiti or those who wish to return to experience, so that they can embrace their own Mana here and now, or the next vacation.”


Get involved now. Record your video and post with upg – #TakeMeToTahiti


If you win, please contact us as we will be happy to offer you a GekkoPod Full Pack to take with you in this wonderful adventure.

More information at www.embracedbymana.com.br